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To make a tidy match with their month calendar, the Babylonians ignored the fact that the Sun actually moves through 13 constellations, not Besides the 12 familiar constellations of the zodiac, the Sun is also aligned with Ophiuchus for about 18 days each year. The BBC previously speculated that ancient astrologers perhaps ignored Ophiuchus because they wanted to chart the degree path of the Sun in a mathematically pleasing way of 12 equal parts, each one of 30 degrees. As such, Ophiuchus is considered a healer of men, a doctor of medicine, or a scientist who seeks higher education and enlightenment.

As NASA themselves explain, no one has shown that astrology can be used to predict the future or describe what people are like based only on their birth date. Want insider tips on happiness, health, relaxation and more? Sign up for the Stylist Loves Wellbeing email.

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May 6th Horoscope. May 9th Horoscope. Hey Baby, what's your sign? This isn't an easy question for some people to answer. You might be one of the many people who were born at the very beginning or very end of your zodiac sign!

No matter your birth date, there's only one answer -- no one actually has two signs. But if you were born within a few days of the Sun's move from one zodiac sign to the next, this means you were born on the cusp , and you might feel an influence from two different signs. Each cusp period has a name that reflect the distinct energy it carries.

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If you're born on the cusp, you might find that you possess personality traits from your neighboring sign. For instance, people born under Aries, but on the Aries-Taurus cusp, often make great leaders. Either way, being born on the cusp can give you a variety of qualities that can blend and shine in different ways. Learning about both the blessings and the curses of your cusp helps you embrace your interesting -- and sometimes complicated -- self!