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Keep telling her how tell her how gorgeous she looks without a stitch on. The Libra woman adores lighter foreplay activities and is a world-class kisser. If you are lucky, the usher may come with her flashlight and scold you! She is highly romantic and sensitive and wants you to be that way too.

Her bed usually has many fluffy pillows and the most beautiful linens she can afford. She wants music in the bedroom, but no TV too indelicate—who wants to hear about the Congressional budget or a mugging in Queens when one is in the throes of passion?

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One last hint: Libra rules the lower back and will purr like a kitten when her man massages it with a lightly scented cream. Your Challenge Your mission , is to capture her heart.

How To Handle Her She has powerful talents of persuasion and her lover may not know exactly how she gets her way, but she does every time—in the most charming fashion. Things to do, gifts to buy Think of the cherubs in old master paintings, flying though the air, holding branches of roses or a lovely harp.

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New Articles from Susan. More from Astrology Zone. Sign Up Now. Women Libras love soft colors—the colors of the rococo dining room, including soft blues, pale through rosy pink, white and cream, soft fabrics with shimmering gold threads, and outfits with beautiful handwork, such as embroidery, beading, or restrained, elegant transparency, lace, or ruffles. You prefer to buy fewer but more important pieces and accessories that you will love and that you will be able to wear more than one season or year. Libra is symbolized by the scales, associated with the concept of blind justice, where questions of law are carefully weighed and balanced against the prevailing complex circumstances, but always done in a fair, slow deliberation to ensure equality to all.

As a Libra, you expect fairness in all your relationships and matters, almost to an idealistic extreme. Libra is so fascinated by the law that many go to law school to become lawyers or prosecutors. If you decide not to enter the legal field as a profession, you may marry a partner who works with the courts so that you can be near the compelling deliberations on ethics and justice.

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Other Libras make superb negotiators, diplomats, or ambassadors or work in politics, eager to make a difference by promoting harmony. The Egyptians invented the balance scales some 7, years ago to measure the harvest, and the scales were also central to their belief in a force of cosmic order within the human and divine worlds. The faithful knew of this and would strive to be pure of heart. This overriding need for balance in everything may well stem from the fact that you were born at the time of the year when light and darkness are even, although soon, as days go by, darkness will prevail.

In astrology, light symbolizes individuality, whereas night refers to partnership. Libras love to be coupled up, and your sign is considered the prime sign of marriage. Libra needs a sounding board to bounce ideas back and forth with a partner. This will be one of the most difficult full moons of the year, so keep your schedule elastic so that you'll have the flexibility to go in any direction necessary.

Full moons cleanse and finalize situations, and this one will do that, for sure.

All full moons have an influence of four days before and after they occur. Once the full moon has fully waned, you will always enter into a quiet period that the ancient astrologers wrote was the finest period for planning and assessment of current conditions before planting more seeds at the next new moon.

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That new moon will arrive on Oct. That means it would be best to do your meticulous planning from Oct.

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New moons are the time to initiate actions. At the full moons, you reap the fruits of the seeds you planted as long ago as six months or more ago. Each new moon will fall in a different sign as you proceed through the year, giving you a strong clue of where you should be directing your energy. This next new moon will be in Scorpio, ruling rebirth, transformations, faith, and all mysteries of life.