Leo daily horoscope for december 26 2019

A change of attitude will occur when someone shares an experience with you.

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Express your thoughts and feelings, and make plans that will enhance a meaningful relationship. Romance is in the stars. Move forward with your plans, and live out your dreams. Opportunity is your responsibility. Do whatever it takes to use your skills and physical attributes to get ahead.

Things may not turn out exactly as planned but close enough that you will feel proud of your accomplishments. Romance is highlighted. As long as you are receptive and willing to compromise, everything will eventually fall into place. A significant relationship will lead to a greater appreciation of each other if nurtured.

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Do what you do best, and create your own opportunities. Birthday Baby: You are passionate, helpful and colorful. Health: Close. With regards to health aspects, today carries excellent auspices.

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Do's for Leo November 13 Don'ts for Leo November 13 Leo Tomorrow Maybe you are expecting a raise or for your efforts to be rewarded but it seems that given the current disposition you will still have to wait for now. Leo November 14 Quite a relaxed Thursday for you and you might feel as if it's almost the weekend although there is enough to wait and enough to do ahead.

Leo November 15 Quite a stuffed atmosphere around you and although you might blame all the work you might have for the day, this is more something to do with your emotions and the way you perce Leo November 16 You are passionate about a series of things at the moment but you also prefer to maintain a discrete attitude and don't really share those with others.

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Current Leo astrology facts. Lucky numbers are 2 and Wed Dec 5: Loose Ends Focusing on what needs to be done will help you make progress today. You should be moving along at a quick pace, tying up any loose ends that could trip you up later.

Leo Daily Horoscope

This evening, take the time to review your finances from the past year. What did you spend your discretionary money on? What could you do next year to increase your income? It's time to formulate a plan. Fortunate colors are sage green and terra cotta. Lucky numbers are 11 and Thu Dec 6: Time to Unwind It's very important to remain patient today; you may be very frustrated by life and tempted to take it out on others.

You're made of sterner stuff than you might think. Take time out for yourself today; this will help you avoid an emotional meltdown. Enjoy time spent in nature to help you unwind. Healing colors are ocean blue and sea green. Lucky numbers are 24 and Fri Dec 7: Chatty Cats The swift Moon enters Libra and your third house of communication, giving you the urge to chat. It'll be hard to get any work done with so many phone calls and e-mail coming your way.

Instead of getting stressed out, enjoy the festive atmosphere surrounding the end of the year. Forget all the world's troubles and just enjoy your friends, family, and co-workers.

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Communicative colors are canary yellow and azure blue. Lucky numbers are 5 and Sat Dec 8: Sounding Board Spend time with siblings and neighbors if you can today and find out what their hopes and dreams are for the coming year. Express your own desires to your friends and family, using them as a sounding board for your ideas. You'll have plenty of energy today, so spend it taking care of holiday preparations. Fortunate colors are golden amber and pale aqua.

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  • Lucky numbers are 23 and Sun Dec 9: Building Bridges This is the perfect time to build bridges of communication between you and the most important people in your life. Just be sure to listen as much as you speak! You may find that an emotional breakthrough is at hand and that you may soon enjoy a level of closeness and intimacy you never knew was possible. Fortunate colors are lemon yellow and lime green. Lucky numbers are 25 and You may want to burn yours to the ground, but it's important to deal with difficulties within your family in a constructive way.

    Hopefully all is well, but if you find yourself or your loved ones speaking with resentment, it's time to talk about the things that have come between you. Healing colors are golden topaz and shimmering green. Lucky numbers are 4 and Tue Dec Playful Pussies The Moon and Mercury enter Sagittarius, your house of romance and pleasure today, urging you to renew your sense of play.

    Creative writing or speaking projects may be part of the scenario, which is also a time of increased communication or travel with a romantic partner, children, or group. A vacation may include a guided tour, or feature educational experiences. Plans may involve entertainment projects, social events, children's activities, or speculative ventures. Favorable colors are old gold and royal purple. Lucky numbers are 10 and Wed Dec Ideas Abound Sometimes you take things too seriously.

    When the Moon is in jaunty Sagittarius, even important negotiations have the air of a friendly conversation. Before you burst forth with all your great ideas, bear in mind that calm enthusiasm goes much further than quick bursts of excitement. Consider trading valuable ideas with someone who'll benefit from the exchange.

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    There's always other possibilities to consider before making choices. Excellent colors are red and violet. Thu Dec New Moon Your imagination is stimulated by the New Moon in your fifth house of romance and creativity, filling your mind with all kinds of wonderful ideas.

    Spending time with that special someone is rewarding now, as is time spent with children. Enjoy the youthful feeling that comes with this transit. No matter what your age, you can benefit from a little bit of fun and recreation. Creative colors are amethyst purple and golden amber. As the Moon moves though Capricorn, your mood goes from tentative to definite. Whichever path you decide to take, you won't be going it alone. A friend or lover will guide you through any transits, celebrating or sympathizing with you as necessary. You're capable of great strength -- even more so than usual today.

    This is a great time to test your physical or emotional strength. Beneficial colors are blue and brown.

    Lucky numbers are 27 and Sat Dec Full Speed Ahead At times like this, it's difficult to place everything neatly in a box, but then again, why would you want to? There's a definite place for rules, but they don't apply to the smile of a friend or the laughter of a child: try to be a bit more spontaneous. Your personal quest has put you out of touch for the past couple of days but it's time to catch up with the human race again. Lucky colors are green and dark brown.