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Mother And Father Of The Zodiac

This is quite natural why we have different outlook, nature, likes and dislikes. This difference is not only in our likes and dislikes, but it is also for the compatibility which exists between us. They are varied according to the different zodiac sign. For example — A great bond exists between Leo father and Aries child, and it tends to be complicated in Libra father.

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Family Astrology Report will help you to know which zodiac sign of a child are compatible signs and incompatible signs with the parents. It will help you to establish good bond with your child.

Aries Mother

According to Vedic Astrology, the 5th house is the most important house for children. The parents house in Vedic astrology is 4th and 10th. The 4th house represents mother and 10th house represents father, status and career. How to get Family Astrology Report We provide astrological consultation on a yearly package for parents and children covering all the major aspect of health, education, career and guidance.

Child-mother relationship !

This report will also provide details of business, investment, house construction, marriage etc providing the astrological guidance along with the remedies. We analyze birth charts of all family members quarterly. Remedies and guidance will be provided for prosperity as a quarterly report. Birth Details.

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