Maharaja adhipati yoga in astrology

If the Jupiter is combust, debilitated or in retrograde then the quality of the yoga can diminish. The Sun never goes in a retrogression or combustion mode, but it can be in debilitation, so when it is in debilitation, the yoga can be complex.

Whichever the yoga is, it will be great if it occurs by the connection of Kendra and Trikon houses. Only Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will get this yoga. This yoga ultimately promises a prosperous life with a lot of facilities. October 1, October 1, September 23, September 23, September 19, September 19, This yoga is capable. If all the trine lords are posited together in trines Trikona, quadrants or angular houses 1st, 4th, 7th. There is no aspect of Vedic astrology which is more abused than the concept of yoga. Thus when any of the five planets—Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn— are swa-rashi or uccha in houses 1, 4, 7, or 10 mahapurusha yoga is generated.

If the lords of kona and kendra are conjunct in same beneficial house, the person is blessed with Raja-yogam; if these lords exchange their places also in good. Raj yoga is formed by the grahs and house combinations in a chart. Skip to content. The first mentioned here is a Raja Yoga. Raja Yoga is formed by a planet of a kendra house together with a planet of a triconal house. The kendra houses 1,4,7,10 are the houses of manifestation and the triconal houses 1,5,9 are the houses of purpose or dharma.

The first house serves as both. When planets are combined with both action and purpose great things manifest. A Yoga karaka is when one single planet forms Raja Yoga by itself. It rules two different houses, one is a triconal and one is a Kendra. The first house can serve as either in the combination. In Taurus ascendant Saturn rules the 9th trinal house, and the 10th kendra house. For Libra ascendants Saturn rules both the 4th Kendra and the 5th trinal. Other ascendants that have a Yoga Karaka are Capricorn and Aquarius.

They both have Venus as the Yoga Karaka. With Capricorn Ascendant Venus rules the 5th and the 10th. Aquarius ascendant Venus rules the 4th and 9th.


Cancer ascendant will have Mars rule the 5th and the 10th. Leo ascendants will have Mars rule the 4th and the 9th. No other ascendants will have a single planet rule both a kendra and a trine. These are the only ascendants to have a Yoga Karaka. A Yoga Karaka planet will be a planet that brings great benefit to the chart, even though it may be a natural malefic planet. The second major yoga defined by house ruler ship is Dhana Yoga.

This yoga brings material wealth and money, because it links the money houses 1, 2, 11 5, 9. The combination of any one of these houses combined with the 1st house ruler would bring wealth to the individual. Actually any combination of these houses would create Dhana Yoga, but the1st house combination is the strongest. The third major yoga formed by house ruler ship is the Arista Yoga. This is the yoga of suffering and spirituality. Usually the suffering is from illness. The combination of the rulers of the most difficult houses trik or dusthana 6,8,12 are combined, but again when these houses are combined with the ruler of the 1st this brings the suffering to the individual.

Again as in the Dhana Yoga, any combination of these house rulers would constitute Arista Yoga. Generally it is through our suffering that spirituality is sought. Therefore this yoga will produce both suffering and spiritual opportunities. For example if the combination of 2 planets create an Arista Yoga and a Dhana Yoga. The planets rule 2 houses except the Sun and Moon each, so you would be merging 4 houses together. Therefore 2 planets can be both a Raja Yoga, and a Arista Yoga. Another way in which planets can be connected is through parivartana yoga.

This is called mutual reception in western astrology. Their rulerships exchange signs. A special note if you have a planet that is in aspect, and in parivartana then you have 2 planets in a Sambandha, this means they are completely connected.

Yogas for Success and Fame in Life

This makes these planets connect and operate together. They work in unison. When entering a dasha of a planet involved in parivartana yoga it would simultaneously activate the other planet through this connection. An example of sambandha is the Sun in Aquarius and Saturn in Leo. These are called the five Yogas of great people. It is when malefic planets surround a house and the planets within that house. There must be a malefic in both the house before, and after surrounding the house hemmed in.

Saturn in the 12th house and Mars in the 2nd house, the 1st house is hemmed in by malefics, constituting papa katari yoga for the 1st house.

Interpretation: The 1st house would be robbed of protection. The matters the 1st house rules would be harmed. The 1st house rules physical health, and the body. Here the body is harmed.

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Shubha means auspicious. Here the benefic planets surround a house. The benefic planets are Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury. The benefic planets give protection and grace to the house they surround. Example: Venus in the 1st house and Jupiter in the 3rd house, the 2nd house is hemmed in by benefics. Interpretation: The 2nd house and the matters it rules will be blessed with empowerment. The 2nd house rules money matters, and childhood, therefore these matters prove prosperous, and good for the individual.

The Moon as well as most planets does not like to be alone. The Moon thrives on support from other planets. The Moon rules the mind and the emotional body. The joy of life comes from the sharing of experiences and ideas. This is how the Moon works. It needs to share, and feel supported. If it is not connected to any planets it will feel alienated, and disconnected with the world. The mind will be disturbed.